PhD update – invitation to participate in my research

As you might be aware, I am currently doing my PhD from the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The topic of my PhD is: Social Media for Competitive Advantage. Basically, the idea is to understand usage of Social Media, and map it to Porter’s concept of Competitive Advantage. Here are some details.

I’d like to invite you to participate in my survey.

The objectives of this survey are to understand:

  • How social media is used within organisations?
  • Social media’s impact on an organisation’s competitive advantage.

Your responses will remain confidential. Data from this research will be kept securely and reported only as a collective combined total. No one other than me will know your individual answers to this questionnaire. And if you like, i’d be happy to share my findings.

If you agree to participate in this project, please answer the questions as best you can. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Here is the link to survey:

Thank you for your assistance in this important endeavour.

My PhD: Social Media for Competitive Advantage

Its time to press this blog into service once more.

I’ve enrolled for the doctoral programme at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. The title of my PhD is (tentatively): “Social Media for Competitive Advantage: A Study of Select Indian Organizations”.  This research will focus on studying, analyzing and evolving a model for usage of Social Media technologies for competitive advantage by businesses, specifically within the Indian context.

That’s a bit vague right now but my hope is that I will be able to bring out how usage of social media can be a source of competitive advantage for organizations. As part of this research, I will also work on evolving a model — sort of a maturity model, but really detailed and based on interviews.  This research model will map sources of competitive advantage (probably based on Porter’s framework) against maturity levels and dimensions. The model will eventually describe key characteristics for each level and what an organization needs to do to go from one level to another in terms of capabilities required for using Social Media to achieve competitive advantage.

The best way to research social media is to use social media and so i’ll be posting updates here in the hope of getting feedback and insights. Please leave a comment below or email me (apoorvdurga at gmail) if you would like to share how you use social media within your organization.

The best part of doing research in this area (social media) is that I won’t feel guilty about spending time on Facebook :).

New topic for this blog

For a while, i’ve only been cross posting blogs from the Real Story Group blog on this blog. That’s going to change a bit now.

I’ve enrolled in the Doctoral Programme at the  Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. My Ph.D. topic is around Social Media usage in Indian organisations and I plan to use social media, including this blog, to get inputs, bounce off ideas and carry out research.

So i’ll regularly post excerpts from my research and will hopefully get good feedback here. Wish me luck!